SM Delayed Taeyeon’s “INVU” Highlight Clip

“Hello. It’s SM Entertainment.

We’d like to update that fans are eagerly awaiting Taeyeon’s third full album “INVU” due out the 14th of February.

Taeyeon’s 3rd album full of ‘INVU”s highlight clip material which was to release from today (4th) through the 10th, was not able to have been released because of quality problems.”

1. SM is a large business, but is that they less effective at their job than smaller agencies?

2. Are they cancelling everything What’s the deal? It’s better to cancel in advance. Why would they cancel it on just before the release date?

3. I……….

4. It’s just like advertising f*cking noise. I’m sure they’re aware that, even if constantly slammed it’s effective. Even kids who didn’t even know about it are now aware of it, which is why they act in exactly the same way.

5. For a normal workplace worker, I’m curious about the system of work that this company has.

6. Is the comeback being cancelled? is it possible to do this? I don’t get it.

  • They’re no longer cancelling their comeback, but only the promotional videos.

7. This is her primary promotion and what exactly is this the SM-ah?

8. How are they able to do this each time?

9. They never change. What do they do?

10. They don’t think about Taeyeon but are more concerned about their other children

11. The mom and pop shops aren’t this bad if we accept that humans are human.

12. JYP also does this and now appears to SM does the exact same thing.


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