Jennie's agency releases apology statement… Jennie apologizes to staff and reflects

article: Blackpink Jennie Apologizes for Smoking Indoors “I Contacted Staff Directly and Apologized”

source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+337, -3] I thought he had sent out a personal apology, but it turned out his agency sent it out instead lol. Is it too royal to be writing an apology now?

[+191, -4] Wow, this is the first time I've seen such a well-written apology. Haha, it's a surefire downfall.

[+110, -1] So is she now abandoning her image?

[+52, -0] After so many people lying, I can't believe these people actually apologized “personally”…

[+25, -0] Jennie, apologize yourself instead of your agency ㅋㅋㅋ

[+14, -0] I lost my roots haha

[+14, -0] Her image was ruined overnight because she had such a bland personality…

[+11, -0] It wouldn't have gotten this bad if she hadn't blown smoke into the makeup artist's face.

[+10, -0] She's probably at home right now, smoking a cigarette and swearing profusely.

[+9, -0] I read it thinking it was written by Jennie… but it's actually Jennie's agency saying “I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable~”

source: Naver [2]

[+1,720, -19] People just don't change… The issue has nothing to do with the fact that she's a smoker, it's that she's chosen to influence those around her with her own choices. It's hard to see someone who has no problem smoking as “normal” when someone else is doing their hair and makeup for them. It's just downright rude.

[+779, -10] This is what happens when you trade youth for fame and money.

[+705, -4] Seeing her smoking in front of other people's faces really ruined my perception of her…

[+1,005, -10] It's pretty funny when you think about it.. If someone is right next to you doing your makeup, would you really wait for that moment and smoke a cigarette later? Even normal people are considerate enough to wait and go out, and even find a secluded place where no one is walking around. How can you blow cigarette smoke in the face of the person who is serving you?

[+427, -6] This has completely ruined my image of her.

[+269, -5] Hahaha this isn't really something to “look back on”. It's just you being who you are.. and it's proof that there's nothing in your brain.

[+93, -5] I don't know how you can smoke indoors like this… I hope you get fined lol

[+553, -6] Considering how famous she is all over the world, I thought there was something else about her… I guess I just got lucky. Just one act of smoking in someone's face tells you everything you need to know about her. Shin Dong-yup is right. The true colors of celebrities are bound to come out eventually.

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