[PANN] I think she is the true natural beauty.

How did you turn 16 with that face? And he was 170cm tall. That's ridiculous.
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Post: I think she is the true natural beauty.
One. [+53, -0]
Tzuyu achieved overwhelming success before her debut, but after her debut, her aura became very ordinary. Interesting
2. [+38, -5]
Tzuyu is the same, but the leader in this category is Sulli.

three. [+26, -9]
I agree that Tzuyu is a true natural beauty.

4. [+23, -0]
Seolryeong and Tzuyu are in the same situation, but compared to their faces, they don't cause much agitation.
5. [+16, -7]
A person who left a mark in the idol visual world.
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