Han So-hee's CFs are coming to an end one after another.

article: Did those people know about her dating scandal? Lotte Chilsung signs exclusive contract with Han So-hee for ‘Dancing’

source: Herald Economy through Nate

[+383, -53] Hyeri's contract… I think she's perfect for the Soju CF.

[+199, -34] Please change ‘dancing’ to Hyeri. If you don't mind, I'll bring you another bottle.

[+187, -17] The next model should go with Song Ha-yoon… Imagine a CF where Song Ha-yoon says 'wassi' and drinks an entire bottle. Then I will buy it.

[+170, -4] The CF alone is an example of how important celebrities are. It doesn't matter what the CF contract situation was, I don't want to see it anymore.

[+111, -36] Han So-hee can't even be compared to Hyeri. Hyeri wins, case closed. So pretty and kind ^^

[+23, -7] If we sign a contract with Hyeri, sales will skyrocket hahahaha.

[+18, -2] It's not because I'm dating Ryu Jun-yeol. It's because I've shown myself to the point where I can't repay him.

article: What are the aftereffects of the dating scandal? NH Nonghyup Bank->Lotte Chilsung, Han So-hee CF contracts concluded one after another

source: Sports Seoul via Nate

[+575, -18] Now she can go back to being a non-celebrity and date as she wants.

[+362, -5] This doesn't happen because she's dating. We all know why.

[+338, -1] Considering the cost of commercial modeling, it makes sense for companies to terminate a celebrity's image when it is no longer profitable.

[+260, -15] Somebody should drug test her too

[+55, -2] I always thought she would cause a scandal one day.

[+49, -0] That person doesn't have the mentality to be a celebrity.

[+46, -0] If she doesn't change her attitude, she will never be able to get a job again. (But people don't change…)

[+44, -7] I just like Hyeri better

[+40, -1] Considering how damaged her image is now, CF companies would be foolish to renew her contract. Not just dating.. She got upset at a party, even posted a picture of her dog with a knife.. Why would a company want to associate themselves with something like that?

article Han So-hee's side said, “Due to her romantic relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol, her exclusive contract did not end and the contract expired early this year.”

source: OSEN via Nate

[+27, -1] OSEN is Han Sohee's personal media company, and they always deliver good news for her.

[+14, -1] Well, honestly, I would have renewed my contract with these companies if it weren't for the controversy hahahahahaha

[+4, -0] Yeah, yeah

source: Naver

[+849, -58] I can't stand Ryu Jun-yeol, so please take down all Ryu Jun-yeol's CFs.

[+402, -12] Yes, I can't think of dogs without if there isn't enough knife crime in society already…I don't understand why she thought it was ok to post

[+224, -5] Companies have absolutely no obligation to pay that much for a CF model that is under negative scrutiny.

[+163, -8] I don't feel comfortable seeing her in commercials anymore. All she can think about is her dog.

[+52, -2] When the Ryu Jun-yeol commercial comes down, it makes me want to change the channel. Congratulations on becoming a hated couple together.

[+51, -4] I laughed while watching Han Sohee's used car commercial… Sohee really likes used cars!

[+41, -0] Han So-hee is facing all of this, and I wonder why Ryu Jun-yeol hasn't received any punishment yet.

[+38, -0] There is no reason for companies to take the risk of such a risky model.

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