[PANN] Karina and Lee Jae-wook's dating timeline

Even after finishing the fan signing event, Karina went to her bedroom (at night)
Take a taxi and arrive near Jaewook Lee's house (at night)
Jaewook Lee came out to meet her (at night)
Jaewook Lee, found a plastic bag in a convenience store (tomorrow…)

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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Karina and Jaewook Lee's date schedule.

One. [+246, -31]
It's hard to go on a date outside, so of course we'll do it at home. Who cares? I hope you have a happy relationship. They are such a beautiful and pretty couple.

2. [+234, -39]
But what's so strange about a young couple staying overnight? I just thought, “Okay,” and that was it.

three. [+230, -15]
Do I need to explain my date schedule…lol?

4. [+225, -19]
Who are you to analyze other people's dating timelines?…

5. [+193, -27]
Both of them have a good image to the public, and I don't think dating an idol or a combination of an actor and an idol is a bad thing. It's also not a combination that attracts many trolls.

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