Jung Joon-young released from prison after 5 years in prison

article: Jung Joon-young returned to the world after 5 years…the reason why he did not wear an ankle monitor

source: Nate + SpoTV News via Nate

[+241, -2] Make sure that person is not allowed on any YouTube channels! The public should not be targeted by these people through the media (including Seungri).

[+188, -1] It's amazing how lenient our country is to criminals! Imagine coming out of a scandal so quickly that the whole nation was outraged…

[+155, -2] I hope this serves as a wake-up call to the judges. Look how quickly five years go by. Look how easy it is to get these criminals off the streets.

[+71, -0] Perks of being a celebrity

[+61, -1] I didn't realize it's already been 5 years, I'm sure he could have stayed there longer.

[+52, -0] You can't fix people

[+39, -3] criminal

[+33, -0] Go Young-wook: It’s okay.. you’ll get used to it..

[+32, -1] Look at! He's a criminal!!

[+7, -0] And I bet you'll go right back to what you were doing lol I guess you're already scouting for girls.

[+3, -0] I can't stand this guy

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