Rolling Stone ranks SNSD’s ‘Gee’ as the greatest song in K-Pop history

Article: America’s Rolling Stone has chosen SNSD’s ‘Gee’ as the #1 100 Greatest Songs in Korean Pop History

Source: Asia Economy via Naver

[+66, -4] In fact, this is the most complete idol girl song of 2009 in terms of song and dance.

[+16, -6] A grandmother or an old man in your village knows who SNSD is but there are still many people who do not know who black pink or BTS are.

[+14, -4] Seo Taiji, Jo Yong Pil, and HOT are on the list, too… Whoever made that list has a good finger on Korean pop music.

[+22, -17] Huh? I’m a ’92er and I’d say that the idol song that had more social impact than Wonder Girls’ ‘Tell Me’ or ‘Nobody’… I don’t think anyone can live up to their popularity, even SNSD.

[+4, -0] They were big in those days, to the point where people would accuse you of being a spy if you didn’t know them. They all knew, male or female, it didn’t matter.

[+4, -0] They brought joy to my army years

[+3, -0] Look at SM sales if you want to see how big it is. In 2008 during the financial crisis, SM started with 700 won and then SNSD pulled it to 70,000 won ㅋ

[+16, -14] It really is the best… and still has the best pictures to date…

[+6, -4] These guys can’t read Hangeul, how can they plan anything

[+4, -2] Isn’t it ‘Tell Me’?

[+2, -0] ‘See’… I agree. Skinny jeans were the norm after ‘Gee’… it will be a song that will go down in K-Pop history.

[+2, -0] 2006-2010 were the golden years of K-Pop

[+1, -0] SNSD is a group that isn’t just about a few awesome songs. They impressed everyone, both fans and public alike, with their various talents and more.

[+1, -0] ‘Gee’ is where K-Pop and Hallyu started. That’s when YouTube became a thing and doing the ‘Gee’ dance became popular all over Asia.

[+1, -0] They had a great dance that anyone of any age could follow

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