Can New Jeans’ 20 second iPhone segment on stage count as advertisement?

Article: “Is this a music show or a home shopping show?” New Jeans spend 20 seconds on iPhone performance in the middle of new song

Source: Financial News via Naver

[+6,596, -47] If the music show signed off on it, then that’s shady… but if New Jeans just did this without prior consent, then the KCC needs to step in

[+3,156, -40] Instead of putting their all into their performance on stage, they’re up there putting their all into advertising a product

[+1,983, -41] I like New Jeans.. but as much as I like them, this is not right~~ ㅠ-ㅠ If we allow this, then we’ll soon see idol groups vacuuming the stage with robot vacuums. Let’s not normalize this ㅠ-ㅜ

[+1,627, -28] I’ve liked them since debut but it feels like they’re being pushed too commercially, which turns me off from them. They’re still so young but their agency seems to only view them as products. They should take a page from BTS and look for the long run. Consumers are smarter these days and performances like this will only shorten your career’s lifespan. Hybe, wake up.

[+1,671, -139] Yeah, the stage is not a home shopping show. Advertising a product is not ‘showmanship.’ You should not be considered singers if this is what you’re doing on stage. I can’t believe we’re seeing the day that an ad is being run in the middle of a song on stage ㅋㅋㅋ what a joke.. This totally drops New Jeans’ level down, and it’s plain disappointing. I’m deleting all their songs from my playlist, tsk tsk.

[+480, -7] This is blatant advertisement… Apple must’ve paid them for it. That’s fine, but please keep this stuff off of public broadcast channels.

[+475, -11] They’re crazy to think they can get away with this. Celebrities are built and broken within moments. This could’ve been career-ending for them.

[+434, -6] If we let this pass, then we’re going to be seeing nothing but idols on music shows performing with purses, hamburgers, drinks… This is a music show, not your personal YouTube channel.

[+352, -4] And where is the KCC? Where are the investigations?

[+356, -9] Yeah, this is just… not it. It felt like a home shopping advert. Ruins the class of the iPhone for me.

[+310, -6] Since when has Hybe had more power than the broadcast networks? Do they think the industry is their personal playground? No matter how popular they may be right now, there has never been a senior group who has dared to do such a thing on stage. It’s thoughtless for a freshly debuted group to behave as if they can do anything they want and get away with it. They must be blinded by the glitz of big brands dressing them from head to toe, but please realize that popularity can crumble in an instant. Learn to be humble now before you regret it later.

[+272, -5] Yeah, it’s too much… and they’re dressed in way too many luxury brands

[+264, -31] Empty brains

[+230, -14] Not even a domestic product but a foreign brand’s product, what a way to brand yourself as a nation traitor ㅋ

[+206, -3] This is wrong

[+191, -5] They need to temporarily be banned off shows. This needs to be set as a precedent for the rest.

[+181, -3] From now on, I guess we’ll see idols eating fried chicken in the middle of shows and rappers driving out import cars on stage

[+143, -4] They’re the type to sell their own country if they were paid enough for it

[+135, -2] This is wrong… a singer advertising something while singing on stage? 

[+106, -4] Considering that this is a music show, a line has been crossed

[+77, -5] As diehard of an Apple fan as I am.. this is not right.. especially to be so blatant about it..

[+72, -2] They will never land a Samsung CF for the rest of their careers

[+70, -2] Why does this piss me off so much?

[+63, -2] Not like the girls would know anything, they’re just doing what the adults told them to do

[+51, -2] What would the girls know, right? They just sing the songs they’re told to sing, dance when told to dance, hold up an iPhone when they’re told to hold up an iPhone… just dolls without thoughts

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