[INSTIZ] There's really no one who doesn't know Hyeri.

She is in the same network as Girls' Generation, Suzy, Krystal, BP, aespa, and Boys.

Yoon: No hahaha
HR: You really, really tried hard to look pretty.

HR: I tried to take a pretty picture of this.
Suzy: Try harder…

(Sana sent a birthday video)

HR: No.
Karina: Today was the last broadcast.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Hyeri There’s really no one who doesn’t know this.

1. + Reseraphim Chaewon and Choi Yena

2. Because that person has an incredibly good personality.

3. He has a good personality and it’s been a long time since he debuted.

4. I also want to become friends with Hyeri…

5. He seems to have a great personality, but the things he says to Yoona are so funny hahahaha.

6. Wow, you seem to have a nice personality hahahaha
7. You can see how good his personality is just by watching YouTube.
8. She always has a cheerful personality.
9. The most touching thing is that you are friendly with everyone regardless of generation hahaha.

10. Sister, please be my friend too.
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