A new audit report reveals that 70% of sexual offenders were sentenced to shorter sentences following sending “reflection” letters raising doubts regarding Seungri’s sentence

New audit information is raising questions about Seungri‘s “halved” sentence.

But, the accused shows an apology-based attitude… This is probably the most commonly used word in the sex crime laws. According to a nationwide audit 70.9 percentage of of the defendants accused of sex offences had their sentences commuted due to “serious reflection” and 30.3 percent for “no prior history of criminal penalties.

This is due to the fact that sentencing standards for sexual assault have very vague standards for “true reflection” as a mitigation element. In certain cases after being convicted of a crime in the past, offenders are required to send “reflection” letters to the court to get reduced sentences. For instance, Cho Joo Bin who was the primary suspect in the Nth Room incident, sent over 100 “reflection” letters to the court.

Based on the Department of Creative Writing, there are businesses which specialize in the writing of “reflective” texts. After committing a crime, sex offenders may even attempt to show “true reflection” by faking sponsorships for women’s groups or Sexual Violence counseling facilities.

Particularly, with regard to the former Big Bang Seungri’s sentence that was halved up to one year and six months The Dr. Seung Jae-hyun of the Korea Institute of Criminal Justice informed Hankyung:

“True reflection following the occurrence of a crime is something everyone is able to do. But, the most important and important opinion, that of the voice of the victim, is not heard.”

A bill that states that judges are required to consider the views of victims in preparing sentences is being introduced. The bill allows victims to share their views on paper or during the interrogation of witnesses or trial.

Democratic lawmakers Song Ki-heon who introduced the bill provided the following information:

“The tears of the victim must be erased by sentencing standards that look at the an individual’s perspective and provide security.”

The judge of the Seoul Central District Court told Hankyung:

“Personally, I’m not concerned whether or not a criminal sends multiple letters of reflection before the judge. Reflection isn’t an element that could affect or decrease the severity of a sentence. In sex-related criminal trials, defendants may cause further harm through blameing victims.”

In spite of these explanations, the people are still outraged. A worker at the office (28) was quoted by Hankyung:

“I’m always skeptical when a criminal sends an excuse letter that claims it’s “reflected” and won’t commit the same crime again.”

1. A nation full of trash..! !

2. F***ing crazy judge!

3. The potential of private attorneys as well as big legal firms..

4. Seungri is more trash and more sinister more evil than Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong-hun. So , how can his sentence be more lenient than these two?

5. Seungri is the most notorious of the criminals Seungri is the main criminal Burning Sun but he got his sentence reduced to one year and six months? There are 9 charges! He admitted as well that he “reflected” on but just because he appealed the sentence reduced to half? It just goes to show that the trial was purely for to show off

6. Seungri and Park Yoochun rank as two of the most vicious thugs within the world of entertainment. He fled to the army , and as a result of this, revealed the extent of judges’ b**** that are prevalent in the country. The Korean legal system is corrupt and is at the level of countries with poor infrastructure.

7. Sentence laws in the United States are utter rubbish. What is the reason judges are making decisions that are based on reflection? and claiming they requested forgiveness of the victim, and that they granted the offer? What is forgiveness got to do with relate to the crimes they committed? There are a myriad of instances of murders, r*pes or particular assaults, robberies in which the victims and their families are unable to get over the shock and remain in terror and tears. So what gives a judge the power to decide by themselves? How come judges who are ignorant of the laws of justice for all peoples getting selected?

8. Yang Hyun Suk as well as Seungri cut the tail too easily…who’s in the back of YG?

9. This is the reason we require AI judges. These aren’t children who can think for themselves. One way to differentiate the truth from. lies is to make unambiguous and fair rulings by AI.

10. If they’re that sorry why shouldn’t their reflection letters be sent to the victims? What’s the reason they’re sending letters to judges?

12. This is the extent of Korean laws. We penalize citizens who are powerless by imposing fines of 1 million won for calling anyone”kkondae “kkondae” on the internet however, chaebols and politicians are able to make use of their wealth and power to reduce their sentences. This is a truly democratic nation!

12. Ah , our laws are becoming increasingly sleazy. the f*ck


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