Lee Seo-jin's side announced legal action against the rumors.

article: Lee Seo-jin, steps forward to correct rumors of ghost filming and unauthorized filming “No leniency, strong legal response”

source: OSEN via Nate

[+339, -45] I paid that girl, now watch the agency deal with the rumors.

– [+129, -31] There is nothing in the statement denying that the rumored person is Lee Seo-jin. I'm just expressing my regret that his name is being circulated as a rumor rather than anger. It kind of sounds like it.

– [+96, -6] We all know what happens when the victim deletes the original post and the actor takes “legal action.”

– [+49, -2] I think I would believe it if legal action had been taken from the beginning… but the victim deleted the post and posted a reply. Either way, the image is ruined and I doubt it can be recovered.

[+150, -16] Then file a lawsuit against her. Why threaten to file her own lawsuit against her commenter when it's clear you already made a tacit deal with her?

[+95, -72] Yes, there were comments that crossed the line and I hope they all get sued 🙂

[+34, -0] Either he really didn't do it or he had an agreement with her.

[+33, -3] So why did it take so long to speak? And why only after she deleted her post?

[+25, -0] They were so quiet when the rumor first broke out, so why are they reacting now?

[+25, -4] Haha, Lee Seo-jin's agency is going through a lot haha.

[+22, -0] Shouldn't we start by suing the person who spread the rumor??

[+21, -0] I guess he's a little late for all this since the woman has already given up her seat.

[+15, -0] Shouldn't we sue that woman?

[+8, -0] What I find funny about that woman is that so many people have nominated her and she has yet to deny anything.

[+6, -0] The statement makes it sound like the person in question is that person, but that is not true of what actually happened.

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