Twice’s US tour has been a huge success



Article: 50,000 Americans filled every seat to see these girls from Korea

Source: Daily Economy via Naver

[+222, -2] K-Pop fighting..

[+83, -2] I remember Park Jin Young’s first attempt at American advancement failed because she did her American girl group too. The interesting thing is that he is now seeing success through many Korean ideas. It seems that there really is a time and a place for everything.
– [+25, -0] Poor Wonder Girls, they really were the top Koreans at that time…
– [+11, -0] It is not an exaggeration to say that K-Pop today exists because of Park Jin Young..

[+51, -5] You know how fast it is to hear that TWICE is now considered one of the oldest women in the industry. What’s next? Introducing almost 10 year olds as idols?

[+26, -3] The amazing K-Power

[+14, -3] They are patriots. The BTS experience. You can see it when you travel abroad.

[+12, -5] They are the girls’ living legends, aren’t they
– [+4, -5] black pink
– [+0, -1] I’d say that’s BP
– [+0, -0] TWICE the real life story. They completely dominated the domestic market and are now on their way to becoming a world legend!!

[+4, -0] I support them. Delivery is always eligible.

[+3, -0] TWICE is ㅜ amazing

[+3, -0] They’ve been working hard since their debut, it’s great that they’re big stars outside of Asia now

[+4, -2] But can they sing live?

[+2, -0] Nice to see them doing so much for our country. I hope all their concerts end in success.

[+2, -0] This is what SNSD was trying to achieve back then… still proud to see TWICE achieve that success…

[+2, -0] They are great

[+2, -1] I didn’t know it was still alive

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