[NAVER] Hive seeks to replace Min Hee-jin within two months, but who will win in the end?

Source: Naver / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Hive seeks to replace Min Hee-jin within two months, who will win in the end?

[+594, -44] What's the point in creating multiple labels under your name if you're just going to steal their creations and copy them yourself? It's like when Samsung succeeds in making a smartphone, they receive it and then copy it under Samsung Life Insurance or Samsung Industrial…

[+453, -52] Hybe will have a hard time finding future talent as they are currently known to produce A-list media play talent like this and then fire them because it costs too much.
[+358, -28] I think this article is correct…Hybe played the media way too much with the intention of getting her fired in the first place. Hive's decision also damages shareholder value… I will support Min Hee-jin until the end.
[+252, -7] Hive promised Min Hee-jin independence, but it only made her angry by messing up her entire business, sabotaging Newjin's debut, stealing her creations and using them without content, and throwing her stock price under the bus. Before the New Jeans return… these are the true colors of the hive.
[+223, -10] This is a fight that Min Hee-jin wins. The entertainment industry moves together with creators. If Min Hee-jin expresses her desire to leave her hive and start her own new company, there will be companies that will pay her fine and invest in her. Min Hee-jin is called the mother of K-Pop. Can you imagine the hundreds of thousands of trainees who will reach out to her? Therefore, comparisons with other companies such as Samsung are incorrect. Even if Samsung's research stops, it will not be able to create a company like Samsung on its own. However, Min Hee-jin has the power to create another company like Hive.
[+89, -1] I really don't understand why people take the side of large corporations in the first place haha ​​Even people with industry experience and values ​​like Min Hee-jin get trampled by the company, right? Do you really think you can save yourself from this situation? Heejin Min has every right to be upset that her creations are being stolen and copied. It's not right for Hive to take her internal reports and trample on her. All Hive had was KakaoTalk abusive language between Hive and its employees, and it all stemmed from Hive's own slave contract clauses lol As if you guys never cursed at your boss to your co-workers… As the lawyers said, Minhee If Jin's KakaoTalk is evidence of breach of trust, Bang Si-hyuk's aespa KakaoTalk could be considered an incitement to violence.
[+89, -2] If someone asks me to choose between Hive and Min Hee-jin, I will choose Min Hee-jin.

[+70, -1] If an S-class name like Min Hee-jin gets cut off, no one will work with Hive anymore. Haha. Hive can only go downhill from here.

[+59, -1] Hive's subsidiaries are nothing more than content factories copied by the parent company.

[+54, -2] A dark future awaits Hybe. Bang Si-hyuk's lack of management skills was revealed this time, and Min Hee-jin exceeded 100 billion won in annual sales in two years with her label. Bang Si-hyuk would have been crazy to want to kick her out just because she refused to bow to him. And with all this dirty media play and rumors… he really seems to be afraid of her. A company that treats its talented employees this way will not have a bright future.

[+35, -0] I will support Min Hee-jin no matter what happens. She has suffered enough among all the strong drinks!

[+21, -1] First of all, people of all ages, men and women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, all came together as one. Anyone who has ever worked in a company can't help but take Min Hee-jin's side.

[+18, -0] Min Hee-jin narrowly won.

[+17, -2] I support Heejin Min. Let's not forget who solved the internal problem first and then used multimedia games to solve the problem. Look whose decision it was to reduce the market capitalization by 1.2 trillion won.

[+13, -1] I feel so bad for her, I'm so angry… All she gets in return for her hard work and refusal to engage in office politics is complete expulsion from her job… I will boycott. Hive.

[+11, -1] It's so sad that there are so many little worker ants who side with large corporations like Hive without even knowing their place lol. A person as big as Min Hee-jin is being trampled on. But these little kids truly believe they won't suffer the same fate lol.

[+10, -0] No one will want to work with Hybe anymore. They will be known to suck you dry and kick you out…

[+10, -0] Hybe has always been the nouveau riche of the Big 3. They weren't interested in music at all, or even improving music, they were just interested in expanding their business. It's ruining K-Pop.
[+7, -1] I will never understand a company willing to fire employees who are making a profit…

[+6, -0] Why would you fire someone for making too much money?

[+5, -0] The public will no longer fall for Hive's media play and they have lost complete trust in the public.
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