Jang Wonyoung has won the legal case against YouTuber Sojang

Article: IVE…'s Jang Wonyoung has filed a legal complaint against Sojang

Source: Newsen via Nate

[+75, -14] Heard Sojang unni is a '76er, why does he hate a girl who is old enough to be his son. I wonder what he is doing these days

[+58, -3] But what is Hybe doing? Not that they don't have the money like Starship to pursue these things. Even all the YouTubers and Nate Pann are full of stories and hate, but Hybe stays calm in all this.

[+49, -1] Sojang was sure that he would never be caught or he wouldn't cry, but here he is. This will be an example for all those YouTubers who are talking there now, who are sure that they are safe because they have not been served, but the legal process is longer than you think, and you'll accumulate all those bills during your term of service

[+27, -16] All Nate's ugly girls will learn a lesson now ㅎㅎ

[+3, -2] Why can't Hybe do what Starship could?

[+1, -0] Other agencies should follow Starship and file these civil lawsuits and win.

Source: Insight + Wikitree via Instagram

[+506] Only 100 million won fine…

[+253] Imagine being 47 years old and acting like this about a child

[+246] Since he won the civil suit, it's time to take it to the criminal!!

[+217] I'm glad Starship decided not to go easy on him

[+130] Oh, good luck

[+87] I bet Sojang did more than that, a fine of 100 million seems a bit much

[+79] But only 100 million won? Let's go for the billion~!~!

[+59] Well, his life is over, good luck ??

[+46] All YouTubers who post stories should be prosecuted

[+36] At last!!!!! ????

[+31] Good job, Starship!!! ?

[+29] There is no pain like finances ?

[+12] That ajumma was really bad ㅋㅋ

[+7] I don't think this 46 year old ajumma even has 100 million won to pay

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