Jang Wonyoung’s weight gain has calmed worried netizens

Article: IVE’s Jang Wonyoung reveals body changes after gaining 5 kg of weight “Looks beautiful”

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+542] Who knows if he really gained weight and is asking people to keep their noses in his business? Like, yeah, I’ve got weight so shut the f*ck up now

[+293] I thought it wasn’t confirmed? The only thing that the village committees said was that he gained weight so everyone thought he did?

[+150] It takes a lot of effort for a white man to gain any weight and it’s amazing he did it

[+82] It seems to be more stable now. She’s also cute and pretty, although she’s pretty no matter what she’s doing

[+35] How does one know how many kilograms he has gained?

[+37] It makes her look good

[+38] I didn’t know that gaining weight could make you prettier

[+29] It’s great either way, so do whatever you want

[+2] The weight gain made her look more like an actress

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+346] It is because of all the weight that is recorded by the media that these female and male idols have nothing left but the skin on the bones.

[+132] It should be very tiring to do all the activities that are recorded by the media like this

[+95] He still has bones even after gaining weight, although he looks better than when he lost weight.

[+43] He was already in a popular 40kg, 5kg above that made him even more popular

[+42] She’s also pretty, but putting on weight has put her in an untouchable position.

[+5] How does one know that they have actually gained 5 kg?

[+7] I hope people know that to say that someone is nothing but bones or seems to fall to the touch, he is nothing but skin on bones…things all of the judgment of the other person’s body, and it is still important to hate. All that stuff about Liz’s weight, all this stuff because Jang Wonyoung is too pale… please just buy it;