[PANN] Wonyoung Jang’s Instagram

This is the Hapa Kristin store in Los Angeles.

“Five years later, Wonyoung is taking a picture with her face plastered all over her face in the same place as 16-year-old Wonyoung.. ???? This is Jang Wonyoung’s growth and story.”

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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen
Written by: Wonyoung Jang’s Instagram.

One. [+31, -1]
What is it like living Jang Won-young’s life? LOL
2. [+25, -1]
Seriously, I wear flat shoes every day and the proportions are crazy.

three. [+23, -2]
Wow, what a divine life… Hapa Christine is amazing.
4. [+15, -1]
To be honest, Hapa is very faithful to Wonyoung. They even went to America and plastered his face.
5. [+14, -2]
Wonyoung needs to stay with Hapa for a long time, and they suit each other so well haha. Every time a new product comes out, the pictorial is so cute. Seeing how hard they always work at each Hapa store, it looks like the two will be working together for a long time.
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