Oh My Girl’s Mimi is still on a roll for comeback ads

Article: Oi My Girl’s Mimi has started the girl movement with a new skin… “to stand out” vs “to look pretty”

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

[+537] This is not a big deal for people to make a fuss about..

[+534] Can we please move away from the prejudice that idols need white skin? Let people accept their personality ㅠㅠ

[+302] People will have a problem with idols whether they are pretty, have gained weight, have a scary face, etc.

[+239] Our country is very unhappy when someone stands out from the crowd. That’s why we have the same fashion, we all look the same… Please let’s start respecting people for their uniqueness.

[+128] Not every idol needs to be white

[+105] Stimulate into nothingness. He is not “strange” alone. Just learn to respect that this is what he is and that’s it. Get rid of your prejudice that idols need to be white.

[+86] I really like this, it looks unique

[+73] This is not a big deal, people should be scared

[+40] He looks good. Isn’t it like there are only white people in the world? Is it a rule that idols have to have white skin? Skins of all colors exist, and we should accept that

[+39] Just because you’re a member of a girl group doesn’t mean you have to be white. Please respect each other. She looks beautiful.

[+30] SISTAR also has a few tans, just let these idols go

[+15] I have absolutely no idea what color it is

[+14] Mimi looks prettier in brown

[+10] ㅋㅋ It looks cute ㅋㅋ but it’s really unique ^^

[+9] Embrace the difference ????

[+5] That’s not dark either!

[+2] He’s unique but in a cute way ㅎㅎ

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