[THEQOO] Espa stylists seem to like this style these days.

2023 Melon Music Awards

2023 Gayo Daejeon

2023 Hanteo Music Awards

SM Town Concert 2024

The stylist's favorite Shugochara-style check pattern + tutu skirt style.

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Espa's stylist seems to like this style recently.

1. It’s pretty. I think they may have worn it to promote this album, but the clothes themselves are so cute.

2. As someone who likes Japanese idols, I really like this.

3. It looks more and more like an animation character and the coordination seems a bit messy.

4. I like it because it’s really pretty, but the styles are similar so it’s hard to tell them apart lol But it fits the song concept like a glove.

5. Personally, I like them all except Hanteo.

6. Pretty

7. I like the dramatic song because it goes well with it.

8. I like the styling that reminds me of Vivienne Westwood.

9. It's pretty, but it feels like they're reusing the same style.

10. The red suit matched like a glove is also very prettyㅜㅜ
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