Kwanghee helps fellow ZE:O representative Taeheon in difficult times

Article: Kwanghee sends money to ZE’s brother: A member who is working on jobs with ‘0’ in his account

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+660] Kwanghee is a kind soul. Always take care of his people ㅠ As the saying goes, if you are a good person, you will be surrounded by good people.

[+359] He saved his life, which is great

[+216] He’s so kind… I always knew he seemed like a kind person

[+162] Kwanghee may be noisy but he is kind in nature ~ you can’t be mad at him ?

[+122] I saw them on YouTube. They are very kind. You would think that if there was a big difference between their careers, there would be difficulties between them as they were busy focusing on their own lives, but Kwanghee still took the time to look out for her. . I hope their friendship continues ❤️

[+47] When you’re in a situation where every penny counts, sometimes a helping hand like Kwanghee can bring you back to life and make you hope again.

[+87] Very nice ?? I usually don’t comment but I support them

[+29] I remember from all the members of ZE:A, Taeheon gave the best service and the most sweet words to his fans. He often greets people on SNS ㅠㅠ I hope he finds success in any career… ㅠㅠ

[+15] He is very good. I know he will achieve a high level MC one day. He is very well rounded.

[+7] Everyone should go watch Taeheon’s interview. He went through many struggles but he persevered and showed strength in everything. He is definitely someone we can all learn from.

[+4] Kwanghee not only makes you laugh but also warms your heart ?? He is a kind soul~ I hope they keep their friendship for a long, long time.

[+1] You dig and dig and all you find is good news from Kwanghee!!

[+-] A person’s true colors shine brightest in the way they treat you when you are down. I liked their YouTube section. They are all good people ????

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