Freezia’s Agency claims it “no explain” on rumor that her father is CEO of an unlawful “grand room salon” in Haeundae

In the evening of the 26th, a rep from her organization stated “no comment” to rumor brought forth by YouTuber Sojang that her dad has a Grand Salon in Haeundae.

Freezia published an apology video on her YouTube on the 25th relating to her growing controversies concerning luxury fakes, but suspicions have been raised by Sojang that she merely posted the footage and waited to stop activities after getting her monthly payments from YouTube.

Her firm made no comment, to respond to the allegations.

1. What’s incorrect with her agency? 2. Just how come they are remaining quiet?

2. I feel regrettable for Song Ji-ah, her organization is the worst.

3. Say no, or at most do not answer. That agency is very stupid!

4. Exactly why are her family pointed out in the following paragraphs?

5. Daebak: Which food do you think about her appearance?

6. I was certain this was likely to take place, however her agency’s reaction is a lot more terrible than keeping silent.

7. Exactly why has her loved ones been brought to light? When the press take notice to the thug BaUSD tard crooks which are roaming about in our nation.

8. Is her agency her anti? eight. What exactly is the purpose of sparking rumor machines with this type of response?

9. But who cares in case he has an illegal entertainment destination?

10. No, they ought to leave her alone at this point. As of today shut down both her YouTube as well as Instagram profiles..

11. Could it be correct that her organization is actually attempting to kill her? Exactly why is the response so freaking amusing?

12. Does she have to die prior to the witch hunt ceases?

13. Her company is getting engine oil on the fire aigoo..


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