[PANN] What do you think of the new Nmixx song? "party o’clock"?

It was refreshing and dreamy, I like that it sounded like the unique sound of NMIXX.
The first part with Haewon and Sullyoon was very good.

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Article: What do you think of the new Nmixx song “Party o’clock”?

1. [+134, -11]
Sullyoon’s face was honestly crazy.

2. [+125, -4]
The MV was so fucking pretty… And personally, I think this song really showed the color of Lily’s voice, it was so dreamy.

3. [+123, -9]
It was very refreshing, better than Roller Coaster in my opinion.

4. [+113, -11]
The best NMIXX title so far

5. [+97, -28]
NMIXX are certified bops haha

6. [+96, -48]
Honestly, they’re too far behind even with a song like that if they want to compete with the fourth generation.

7. [+30, -12]
Why do I feel like they are not from a great company? They have no enthusiasm… It’s the best time for girl groups and they still can’t succeed, I’m impressed.

8. [+27, -2]
No matter what you say, OO and Dice were more memorable

9. [+26, -4]
I like that it feels like they finally woke up to this song ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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