I find Hyuna and Dawn’s case interesting

Usually, such controversies are seen as just as damaging as premarital birth, no? ?

If it had been any other way they’d have been ostracized by Edawn and Hyuna‘s family and the handful of Hyuna‘s fangirls and Pentagon‘s recognition His fans are able to say whatever they want , and the muggles are still there to defend him.

1. He totally ignored the terms of his contract with the company and made a public announcement about his relationships, which is why he was removed from the group howeverthe muggles don’t seem to be concerned.

2. Imagine you are working on a group project and it is functioning flawlessly, just waiting for the presenter’s girlfriend to sneak off with his girlfriend that day. presentation.

Actually, the entire group was trying to cover his pieces as best they could.

I’m a big fan of another groupand I don’t have any negative feelings toward Hyuna however, this seems a little… of obviouslytheir personal happiness is also important. However, I think that they did the wrong thing because they were a snarky oaf to other people who were rushing toward the same goal. The Pentagon’s supporters will all will remember this as a negative memory, therefore they must remain quiet..

3. The Hyun-dawn photo the world f*cked, thanks for them. Even the corporation was unable to stop them. They were the love of 100 years… There were a lot of muggles who swore at them. If you’re going to talk about it, you should at least be aware of the facts

4. The bias swap (not certain of the person they’re talking about) and the fact that you’ve got the bias (Hui) locked into an unrelated unit with a real couple, and then being removed from a survival programme and the fans arranged the mass stream to make you redebut, and you were with the people and the business trying to hide the truth the truth, but they lied before the media and gave an interview on them dating and then release the story first. When the participants go back to the music as they hear him they must reduce the volume and read the room. did not mention him, but every time they did make a comeback they would discuss his solo project and even include himself . If you’re able to overlook the group for this, I am grateful for your protection.

“What harm did he cause to the organization? Today, whenever we speak of Pentagon his controversy, it will be the first topic to be brought up.. Many would respond:

  • That group that includes the guy who was exiled because of his relationship?

This was just prior to the 1st generation of Pentagon’s fanclub’s inaugural ceremony. A lot of fans left the fandom prior to the ceremony. A lot of people have asked for refunds and many fans who bought their membership in advance but didn’t even attend the event. Actually, the members were aware of this and, just prior to their ceremony they talked about they were so anxious that their seats were going to be empty. When they saw the lightstick light up in the beginning of the song, they nearly began to cry… What a way to describe how upset were they..”

5. What are you guys up to What are you doing? Stop pretending that you aren’t concerned This post says very. Stop causing damage to other people’s business just two hours ago. Pentagon has just been awarded their first #1 spot on Music Bank. Take a listen to their final performance. It’s not a problem for an ensemble that continues to expand even after a break.


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