The Ministry of Health and Safety calls for restrictions on smoking scenes in K-dramas

Article: Grabbing a cigarette for no reason…too many subjects smoking in the fireplace drama

Source: Herald of Economy by Naver

[+1,710, -145] So many stories are allowed to have those drinking and fighting scenes, but smoking is what's not allowed? What a weird thing to fix on… if you're going to go out smoking, limit the drinking scenes too.

[+678, -27] So it's okay to stab and beat people, you can't smoke

[+479, -42] Drugs are fine but not cigarettes… weird signs…

[+324, -11] It's crazy how no one cares about all the drinking in K-dramas

[+132, -21] I'd say cigarettes are pretty tame considering our dramas are some with scenes of drugs and whatnot

[+39, -2] As someone who doesn't drink or smoke, I find more murder, r*pe, brutality, and violence in generals and movies, than smoking scenes… Rarely are crimes born from smoking, but tons of crimes are born. it is made of the people drinking. Shouldn't drinking be regulated more than smoking?

[+33, -0] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Smoking All those murders that happen out of drunken rage??? Drunk driving???? Come on, what's going on here????…

[+34, -3] If you're going to control the smoking scenes, you'd better control the power too. Also, there are many scenes with knife fists that, thinking about our situation, people also attack others with knives.

[+25, -2] Married couples are allowed to drink alcohol, but I've never seen a couple get divorced over cigarettes

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