Will Baby Monster be enough to bring YG back together?

article: Shocked by Lisa and Jennie's departure… Can Yang Hyun-suk's 'Baby Monster' recover YG's stock price, which has fallen?

source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+295, -6] I will never understand YG's thoughts. With the debut of Blackpink, 2NE1 could have continued, but 2NE1 was forced to disband to support Blackpink. Why would you think Blackpink would see that and want to keep it? YG is just reaping what he has sown. No group would want to stay with a company that is always ready to abandon them. When artists become more powerful than companies, there is no reason for them to choose companies on their own.

[+82, -14] I think their names are too childish. Blackpink, Baby Monster…

[+24, -0] YG is nothing without Teddy now

[+4, -0] No one is buying YG stock. Baby Monster is a total failure. Ahyeon may return, but there is no hope for the group to get better.

[+5, -2] Baby Monster is so… hopeless. When Hive's new girl group debuts, they will be nothing.

[+2, -0] It's unfortunate that YG only considers the monetary value of groups like 2NE1 and Blackpink without considering their artistic value. YG will end up as a company that takes young trainees in because they are cheap and easy to milk and then throws them away like slaves.

[+2, -0] SM and JYP are pretty consistent in terms of quality for each group, but YG debuts entirely with vibes lol. If it does well, it's good. If it doesn't, it's next lol.

[+2, -0] The only way for YG to turn around is for Yang Hyun-suk to leave. I guarantee that the stock price will jump 10 times.

[+2, -0] Blackpink didn't become so big because they were talented… but because Teddy wrote the song. Now that Teddy has left, YG is over. He wrote so many amazing songs for 2NE1 and Blackpink… while Baby Monster's songs are so trash. That cheesy sound makes me cringe.

[+1, -0] It is sad that YG's stock price has fallen so much that it is influenced by just one new girl group.

[+1, -0] Baby Monster’s song is not good.

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