[THEQOO] Itzy Yuna x IVE An Yujin Untouchable challenge

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Itzy Yuna x IVE An Yujin Untouchable challenge.

1. I like this… I like these two together so I hope they give us more

2. Very nice, I support your friendship.

3. Seriously, a group of super beauty.

4. Ah, crazy, this is such a good duo.

5. An Yujin, are you a goddess?

6. I recognize this duo. Ah Yuna is really crazy.

7. What? The images are crazy ㅜㅜ this combination is so good.

8. Wow pretty.

9. Yujin-ah, I'm going crazy because of you.

10. They are the same age and their physiques are also similar.

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