[PANN] Kiss of Life Natty has changed after 4 years..

Four years ago, she won first place alone, behind other singers, and four years later, she won as a quartet and even sang an encore. I've been hearing about Natty since I was sixteen and I'm really proud of her.

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Article: Kiss of Life Natty has changed in 4 years..

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Natty came to Korea at a very young age, stayed in Korea for almost 10 years without debuting, and finally got to see the light. Congratulations.
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Hey guys, go watch Natty's vlog from 4 years ago when she debuted. She was so baby-like back then, it's weird.
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I'm a fan of another group, but congratulations on first place!
4. [+7, -0]
They succeeded in waiting.
5. [+5, -0]
I sincerely hope that Kiss of Life will be promoted.
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