Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are having a baby

1.First off, congratulations, and my sincere best wishes for your future parenting as the hip parents that you are.

2. This is such wonderful news, especially considering how old they both are. I’ve read some comments that refer to the newborn as a “shotgun baby,” but I don’t understand why anyone should worry given that the parents are already married. I hope they have a safe and healthy delivery.

3. Warmest felicitations… Since their genes are so much better than average, I really hope they are considering getting a dongsaeng for the baby as well.

4. “Can’t divulge how many months she is,” which means an impromptu wedding and an impending delivery.

5. It turns out that the photo, which everyone mistook for a pregnant belly, actually is one.

6. It seems that the wedding was a hasty affair after all. First came the pregnancy, then came the wedding.

7. No one is making negative comments about the fact that the couple got married in a hurry. People are shocked since she insisted the baby bump in her sundress photo wasn’t real and threatened to sue, only for it to be a pregnancy. Since she has reached the appropriate age, there is no reason not to be open and honest about the fact that she is expecting a new life. Why do celebrities constantly lie about topics they are aware will become public knowledge in the future? I am aware that, in the end, it is their decision as to what they will disclose, but they are celebrities on whom the attention of the entire country is focused.

8. Does it even matter if the wedding was hastily arranged or not? It’s Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin that we’re discussing here—Hyun Bin!

9. Congratulations, congratulations, and what else can I say? I hope they have a safe delivery and a wonderful life together.

10. In other words, she was not pregnant, despite the fact that she had posted a picture of a baby belly.

11. She is of an appropriate age and is already married; there is no purpose in attempting to count the months at this point. Blessings are in order for Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin regardless of the circumstances, even if they decide to come forward and just refer to it as a shotgun. I hope they have a healthy and joyful baby. ()

12. Based on when they announced this in the media, I have a sneaking suspicion that she is between five and six months old.

13. Considering that the baby was born after they both turned forty, there is no use in discussing whether or not they should be married quickly. She is deserving of the very best of all benefits.

14. Congratulations, congratulations, and remember to live healthily.

15. Their wedding always gave me the impression that it was hurried.


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