Hyeri and Han So-hee are arguing on Instagram over Ryu Jun-yeol.

article: Han So-hee, Ryu Jun-yeol dating rumor “interesting”… What is the reply to Hyeri’s post?

source: Newsen via Nate

[+491, -58] Hyeri is a senior, but is Han Sohee crazy for posting nonsense like dogs and knives? What's wrong with her?

[+251, -4] What on earth is going on? So are you trying to say that she has never been on a date, or is she dating? Are you saying she never took him away from Hyeri like people say?

[+174, -1] Hahaha brain battle

[+134, -0] All parties are so frustrated. What would they do without Instagram?

[+80, -7] There is definitely a different nuance between Hyeri's 'fun' and Han Sohee's 'fun'. Han Sohee is crazy

[+60, -4] I can feel Han Sohee's personality from the way she speaks… What are you doing, Hyeri senior?

[+59, -7] Han So-hee's character is hopeless.

[+58, -4] Wow, after reading Sohee Han’s post, I was like, wow, I’m crazy. She could have just kept quiet, but I really think this is a scandal that will sink half of her career into a quagmire;;

[+55, -3] Does Han So-hee no longer care about her image at all?

[+50, -2] Han So-hee is really opening her eyes…; Her reaction now almost feels like an acknowledgment of him and her dating.

source: Nate

[+366, -27] The dog holding the knife picture is shocking. Is Sohee a sociopath?

[+278, -10] Looking at Hyeri getting angry, it seems like there was a reason they broke up in the first place. And Han So-hee is definitely angry lol.

[+212, -10] All things aside, is Ryu Jun-yeol worth the two women fighting over him? Haha, I think there is a charm that we can never know.

[+157, -8] Since when did Han So-hee become an ugly advocate?

[+43, -3] Han So-hee has a talent for destroying her own image. Is your agency not interested in management at all?

[+30, -0] I can understand why they fight like this because of Cha Eun-woo, but… hahaha “It’ll be fun.” Really.

[+30, -0] So why does Ryu Jun-yeol remain silent even in this situation? Why only Han Sohee?? lol

[+24, -2] Han So-hee's haughty attitude makes me angry.

source: Nate

[+438, -4] Haha, Hyeri is not stupid. She obviously saw the news about their relationship coming out today, so she posts something like this at this time, so of course she knows what she's doing. Have some popcorn lol.

[+387, -2] I think Ryu Jun-yeol took Han So-hee to the same place he took Hye-ri lol.

[+117, -0] Korean celebrities should reveal everything like everyone else.

[+87, -0] Is this place now Hollywood or Korea?

[+51, -166] I think Hyeri still has feelings for him.

[+34, -2] Hwang Jeong-eum opened a new path in our industry. Now is the time to get everything off your chest~!!

[+34, -0] On the day when her ex-lover was caught up in dating rumors with someone else in Hawaii, Hyeri's actions were obvious as she posted a Hawaiian photo saying, “It would be fun.”

article: Hyeri never unfollowed Ryu Jun-yeol after breaking up with her, but she ended up unfollowing him after the dating rumors with Han So-hee.

source: Newsen via Nate

[+212, -5] It seems like Hyeri was treated unfairly… I think Ryu dumped Hyeri, saying he was too busy with his schedule to meet other people…

[+167, -2] All of this feels kind of cold

[+120, -0] As Han So-hee has been in a lot of controversies, it seems like there is also controversy over her partner.

[+115, -8] physiognomy is a science

[+9, -0] Not only is he ugly, but he also acts ugly, so I can't stand it.

[+5, -1] The point is that neither woman likes to look good.

source: Naver

[+1,412, -20] What are these two women doing with one ugly man??

[+925, -75] Technically, Hye-ri is a senior, but what is So-hee Han thinking when she sees that dog picture? Her attitude is going to ruin her, especially after what already happened through her clip at that party.

[+589, -38] We all know Han Sohee's personality well, but… she posted a post about her senior along with a photo of dogs stabbing her entire body? Does she know that they work in the same industry and will run into each other sooner or later?

[+377, -12] Han So-hee's decline is likely to lead to a major scandal someday.

[+244, -9] Han Sohee’s personality is no joke haha.

[+186, -3] Han Sohee seems to be the type to rebel against anything without any reason. They feel unfair when they are unable to express themselves properly and when people do not recognize them. It's hard to imagine a personality like that with such a long career. You should look at the forest, not the trees.

[+172, -3] Hyeri only said, “It’s interesting,” but Han Sohee immediately thought it was her writing and went on the offensive. If so, it would be true that she is dating Ryu Jun-yeol.

[+154, -2] Han So-hee had to stay still. That dog picture of hers makes her look so cheap. Make a statement denying or confirming and leave it at that. It seems like she didn't do Hyeri right when Ryu Jun-yeol broke up with her… maybe she just ended it since he was already doing something with another woman. That someone is Han So-hee, and she feels wronged because she thinks that's what happened to her. While they got together after their previous relationship had already ended, Hyeri believes otherwise.

[+143, -3] I really liked Han So-hee, but she's acting so shallow… If Hyeri is sending a message to someone, it's definitely Ryu Jun-yeol, but who does Han So-hee think she'll stand up and attack her senior like this?

source: Naver

[+1,177, -106] Han So-hee, her image as an actress is gradually collapsing…

[+1,055, -21] Hyeri's words, “It will be fun,” sound like a woman whose premonitions have all been proven true. She knew what was going on with her boyfriend before they eventually broke up, but it seemed like she found out a few months later that he was dating someone new, the exact person she had always had bad feelings about.

[+447, -47] Han Sohee’s standards are low.

[+407, -15] I hope our Hyeri meets a good man and has a happy love life.

[+394, -20] The true winner, Ryu Jun-yeol.. From Hyeri to Han So-hee, wow..

[+162, -1] What Hyeri posted is very similar to what happens when a woman gets into a huge fight with her boyfriend over a certain girl and now all her assumptions are proven right.

[+158, -9] Hyeri, I’m on your side~

[+122, -1] I remember when I was in college… I always fought with my boyfriend because some girl was involved. We eventually broke up. When she asked that woman if they had ever been together, she gaslighted her by asking if she was crazy.. Then a few days later, she was seen holding her hand. Haha, that's the worst memory.

[+120, -2] Does anyone know what that person’s charm is.. He’s so ugly..

[+113, -1] I'm already surprised to see an actress with a face like that… But these women also fight? What a lucky person.

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