Han Ye-seul announced that she had registered her marriage with her lover.

article: ‘Now a married woman’ Han Ye-seul, bride in May… Writing a marriage contract with a partner 10 years younger than me

source: Sports Chosun Naver

[+194, -9] Yeah, all that matters is that they're happy.

[+72, -17] If they were in love, what else would matter? Unless you hate them out of jealousy~ I wish them happiness~

[+67, -4] I feel like I'll lose everything because of that person

[+60, -5] I wonder if her parents wanted to stop her from considering everything she owned. She could probably never get married and she could just have fun, but she loves him so much that she might not be able to bear to hand him over to someone else.

[+41, -11] This sister does all kinds of things for a living!! I envy her life.

[+19, -2] You have become the next Choi Ji-woo. I hope you are happy.

[+16, -1] If he hadn't come from a host bar, none of us would have thought he was with her for the money. But we all know what host men are like. They are gold diggers…

[+14, -3] When many people are against your marriage, there is usually a reason and the result is the same.

source: Naver

[+357, -11] That host bar dude?

[+278, -17] They are both from Host Bar… they really match.

[+193, -4] Han Ye-seul now has something in common with Choi Ji-woo haha.

[+182, -5] That guy leveled up.

[+46, -11] Geez, I didn't expect you guys to say anything nice, but do you really have to laugh at her like this? Let her be a better person…karma will always bring you back.

[+32, -2] It's important to be happy

[+27, -1] I think this is great. The same goes for Choi Ji-woo. If you're rich enough on your own, why not marry a good-looking man who listens well? You don't have to worry about obeying your in-laws or doing household chores all day. They have people who will come and go at your command!

[+20, -3] Cruel comment, I wish her a happy life

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