Rumors surrounding Lisa Black Pink from not renewing with YG to dating Frederic Arnault


Article: Rumors are spreading that Lisa black pink will not renew with YG amid rumors of dating the son of Louis Vuitton CEO.

Source: TV Chosun via Naver

[+264, -13] This Thai lady had a big hit in her life when she came to Korea ㅎㅎ

[+77, -21] Jennie and Rose are decent people, but I don’t think Lisa is. It doesn’t take much to get the team together. They can continue as a trio.
– [+5, -2] Visual Jisoo is required
– [+7, -16] What are you talking about? Without Lisa, they would lose all their interest in Southeast Asia
– [+5, -11] I’m sure Lisa does more than 80% of their international entertainment. Koreans are usually like “we don’t need him” ㅋ YG’s stocks will fall hard with this news
– [+2, -8] black pink without Lisa is like a car without heels. It’s over for black pink. And I don’t expect him to care if he is busy in a relationship~

[+58, -5] It’s only special because he’s a member of black pink~~~ he’ll disappear like nobody’s business when he leaves. The cumulative effect cannot be continuous with one.

[+45, -4] Perhaps she will mark the history of a Thai woman who married the richest

[+7, -0] I don’t think the Louis Vuitton guy actually married her, though

[+5, -1] All these groups and aliens are eventually abandoned by them in the end…

[+4, -0] I hope they break up in a month and Lisa will cry and say she didn’t want to leave black pink

[+4, -0] He won

[+3, -0] Looks like Lisa is definitely not updated ㅎㅎ Usually the agencies don’t bother to protect the artists who aren’t updated with them ㅋ

[+2, -0] Lisa won. We thought Jennie dating V was the winner but she has the son of the CEO of Louis Vuitton ㅋㅋㅋ

Article: Concerns are growing over rumors of Lisa not reuniting with black pink… YG’s stock price is looking down.

Source: Economist via Naver

[+6, -0] YG without black pink…a red bean bun without the red bean…

[+11, -8] black pink is nothing without Lisa

[+5, -3] The only idols who were able to have successful solo careers after leaving their popular groups were GD and Lee Hyori. These idols may feel like they can make the world on their own but sooner or later they will find out that they are only part of the pie.

[+1, -1] Lisa has such a worldly game as a boyfriend, I guess she’s worried about a girl group again

[+-] You shine more as a group ~~ I don’t know about a poem ㅡㅡ

[+-] These foreigners are treated like gods back in their countries. I’d rather just live the good life shooting CF at home if I were Lisa.

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