What do netizens think about the NCT Dream’s Glitch Mode?

1. The song is literally sucks.

2. Park Jisung is my favorite but what is the dance style they use to do this? I’m curious. That buffering dance.

3. Jeno and Jaemin truly need to improve their vocals and raps?

4. The song doesn’t suit me, however, the choreography was pretty excellent, so I’ll definitely look for their choreography videos or stage.

5. Personally, I like this more than Hot Sauce, but honestly this isn’t a product that’s suited to the public. However, it does have its appeal as Hot Sauce.

6. The music is great and that buffering dance looks beautiful but was it altered? Are they actually dancing as they do?

7. Jeno Jaemin, Jeno and Jisung should be practicing more They really make a statement.

8. NCT has no songs for the public It will be difficult for people of all ages to hear it.

9. It’s more adventurous as Hot Sauce. It’s possible that I’ll like it once I’ve listened to it more. However, it’s not a good choice in comparison to Hot Sauce..

10. The track is enjoyable, however Mark’s performance in comparison to the one that was shown in their teaser so bare when compared to the other parts that I was frustrated. The last song featuring Jeno…they have to bring in more.

11. The distribution of the parts was excellent as was the drum beat. great however, personally, I think this was a disappointment in comparison the other tracks. Hot Sauce.

12. The teaser has made this look a lot better. Perhaps the more I listen to it, the more impressive it gets.

13. This is my first time watching an NCT video and the quality is pretty good?

14. It’s great, but not as sensational like the teaser look. The MC teaser had an immense impact. I thought that the elements would pop up in a big way.

15. I’m not certain about the tune but the dance is awesome.


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