What will happen to Freezia’s maturing TV vocation now?

1. [+3,335, – 30] Couldn’t care less whether or not she wears fakes however I simply feel awful that she wants to flaunt this frantically that she will wear fakes for it. It’d be a lot more pleasant on the off chance that she just wore bona fide, all-around made garments, regardless of whether it has no name.

2. [+2,273, – 27] She’s allowed to wear fakes assuming she needs yet the issue is that she’s been showcasing herself as a brilliant spoon YouTuber this entire time and that added to her distinction. She’s fundamentally a trick.

3. [+1,542, – 23] I observe our general public significantly more lamentable for going so off the deep end about this lady who just thinks often about external appearance

4. [+702, – 78] And yet her face is such a long way from anything sumptuous…

5. [+566, – 12] This is simply so humiliating for her

6. [+443, – 2] Wearing fakes is fine, however, she was tough to have shot audits and takes about them for content

7. [+315, – 7] The offspring of the rich don’t behave this way. They’re peaceful children who carry on with kind lives. You can see that she’s not the girl of any rich family.

8. [+236, – 5] Her office is to be faulted, as well. Assuming they gave her the brilliant spoon idea, for what reason didn’t they get her a few architect products to coordinate? How were they treating she was around here purchasing fakes this entire time~

9. [+207, – 2] Wearing fakes isn’t the issue here. It’s that she purchased the fakes, then, at that point, behaved like they were bona fide to her supporters and deceived them.

10. [+182, – 1] Wearing fakes, fine, however recording survey recordings with them is excessive ㅎㅎㅎ

Source: Han through Naver

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