Men voted on which of the 2 is prettier, On-jo or Nam ra?


Vote up! if On-jo is prettier

if Nam Ra is prettier then Vote down

1. This is quite unexpected. It’s quite unexpected.

2. Don’t men in real-life have different tastes than those online? On-jo and other girls would be more in demand in real life.

3. Nam Ra is my favorite, but On-jo is prettier to me.

4. Nam Ra is also prettier to me. She looks innocent and has an aura. While there are many beautiful people, not many people possess an aura.

5. However, it is futile to look at the popularity of an online male group.

6. It’s easy to grasp for kids if you see it this way. There are many handsome men like Park Seojun, Choi Woosik, and Park Hyungsik who make your heart beat faster than these guys. The same goes for men. Nam Ra is more feminine and their hearts flutter to them


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