YouTuber Kkuming dies from cancer

1. May her rest in peace

2. Let her be at peace. It must be so difficult to be faced with the prospect of losing her life at this young age. I hope she is able to resurrect to a new beginning that will allow her to reach everything she desires to accomplish.

3. This is so tragic. I wish she was content in heaven.

4. Rest in tranquility

5. Everybody is familiar with the fear of dying, however for a 23-year old woman to be facing the possibility of the possibility of dying from cancer, and yet accept it and pledge to fight it, and to have such optimism makes me feel so sad… The majority of people in this circumstance would rather just give up and go to sleep… Let her be at tranquility…

6. It hurt my heart watching her take her own death with no worry or anger.. I don’t know the emotions she must have been experiencing inside. Let her rest in peace.

7. We could all be dead in the same order was the order in which we were created. Her poor parents… I’m sure she’s safe from the pain she went and is enjoying her days. I pray that she rests in peace.

8. I usually write only hateful comments, and I am hesitant to type this out but… will she be at peace in peace.

9. It breaks my heart… May she take a good path to a flowering garden throughout her future life.

10. If there’s a future life, I’d like to see she’s happy with her health, is not ill and is capable of experiencing everything she didn’t get to experience in this one… May she rest in peace.


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