[THEQOO] Baby Monster receives favorable reviews for his live singing skills with ‘SHEESH’ on radio live

Baby Monster 'SHEESH' Live Radio

from the left

Laura, Rami, Parita, Luca, Chiquita, Ahyeon, Asa
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Baby Monster receives favorable reviews for her live singing ability with ‘SHEESH’ on radio live

1. I didn’t really like this song, but after watching it live, I started listening to it more.
2. 5 singers and 2 rappers are also good.

3. I've never liked foreign members, but Asa caught my attention.

4. I hope talented idols develop further.

5. I understand why there are so many comments about wanting to see an encore in every Baby Monster performance video.

6. All of the members are good at performing live, so I like that they can sing live anywhere.

7. Wow, I love singers who perform live like that. i support them
8. I think Baby Monster should go to Coachella now.

9. All members are doing well without ups and downs.

10. What happened to Yang Hyun-suk? Everyone is pretty and sings well.

11. Wow, there are really no gaps. they are all good
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