[PANN] Has IU changed her mind these days?

In my 20s, I rarely dyed my hair, didn't wear revealing clothes, and rarely danced, so my 'artist' image was stronger than my 'idol' image.
But these days, I dye my hair often, wear crop tops more than before, dress dressier, and seem to dance a lot. I wonder if there has been a change in his emotions or a change in style.

I don't mean to hate IU. curious

Comparing concerts
Until now, my image as an artist was stronger than my image as an idol.

But does it feel like they are aiming for an idol image?

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Article: Has IU changed her mind these days?

One. [+125, -3]
In general, younger people try to look older, and older people try to look younger.
2. [+60, -2]
The older you get, the more you like flashy things.

three. [+49, -8]
She always changes her style depending on the man she's dating. I don't think it's random.
4. [+37, 0]
?? But is her hair literally dark blue in the first gif?
5. [+19, 0]
But you took a gif of her with blue hair and very skimpy clothes to prove your point. Are you Jaejun Jeon?
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