[PANN] Ningning, what's wrong with your skin?

I thought your skin was light, but it looks like you have makeup on.

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Article: Ningning What's wrong with your skin?
One. [+62, -2]
Wow, do people always lighten their bodies with makeup…? I didn't know. People want to have white skin.

2. [+61, -1]
Wow, I didn't know there was makeup in every nook and cranny.

three. [+61, -9]
Can you find celebrities who don't use whitening makeup…? Almost everyone does this, except for children born white.

4; [+47, -3]
All celebrities say this…

5. [+33, -3]
Everyone knows that children like Taeyeon and Winter were born completely white, but other people's skin tone changes through makeup, right? Male and female idols are no exception. Most celebrities do this.
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