Tablo loses 10 years worth of content with an iPhone update

1. [+925, – 169] For what reason would you even store 10 years’ worth of content just in your cellphone…

2. [+647, – 30] A success for Samsung!

3. [+363, – 25] I’m more stunned that he hasn’t upheld any of it in 10 years;

4. [+200, – 27] I don’t think he implies that he never upheld it north of 10 years. Regardless of whether you occasionally back your documents up, perhaps he lost the lyrics that he didn’t save in the middle backups. Who even backs up their documents every day? You could lose a journal section from 2-3 days prior and still not have the option to modify it with the specific inclination you had at that point.

5. [+123, – 10] I’ve regularly experienced records being debased from refreshes and backups…; even with the iCloud… it’s an all-out menboong when it happens to you

6. [+20, – 2] Does he not use iCloud??? Particularly when your profession is dependent on information stockpiling??? You should simply associate it and everything on your telephone to your Macbook to your iPad get consequently saved ㅋ

7. [+19, – 1] Would he say he is getting ready for a rebound or something to that effect? I don’t get why this is news commendable… Hasn’t he exchanged telephones in the beyond 10 years? What’s more supported upheld nothing in the middle?

8. [+15, – 5] I’ve never had my documents erased after various backups, what is he referring to?

Source: Naver


1. [+581, – 117] Assuming the lyrics were that significant, he out to have been supported them up. The way that he didn’t should mean they weren’t that critical in the first place. Furthermore, he’s sufficiently rich to manage the cost of iCloud, no??

2. [+315, – 32] You should consistently back up anything significant…

3. [+410, – 162] They most likely aren’t significant lyrics, simply irregular considerations he recorded. No chance would he deal with his lyrics so recklessly? The genuine stuff is likely completely saved to his PC or some server somewhere else.

4. [+176, – 1] I’m more stunned that upheld moved nothing in 10 years

5. [+38, – 4] Anything you never minded to back up or take a gander at in 10 years is the same as a piece of waste

6. [+34, – 2] I’ve likewise experienced losing different accounts because of an iPhone update a couple of years prior. They were truly significant accounts to me and they caused me mental misery for quite a while later.

7. [+22, – 1] So he’s an iPhone client of 10 years who produces music off his Macbook, shouldn’t he have fundamental things introduced like the iCloud for backup? How did no part of that match up?

8. [+22, – 1] I don’t trust him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Source: Naver

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