[THEQOO] Seolryun received praise for her prettier style at a university festival

Sungkyunkwan University

Dankook University

Korea University

Hannam University

Korea National University of Education

Shinhan University

Hanyang University

Ajou University

She's always been a super beauty, but lately her hair and makeup look perfect on her.
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Seolyun received favorable reviews for her prettier style at the university festival.
1. Seriously, she always reminds me of Snow White… I'm fascinated by her beauty.
2. A legend in the idol world.
3. Personally, I thought the style was the prettiest in Hanyang haha. No, but it's actually really pretty…

4. Looks like Sana + Tzuyu.

5. It came from a webtoon;;;;
6. Wow, it’s so pretty.
7. No, but why would you give double eyelid tape to a pretty girl like her?
8. I was always pretty, but since my debut until now, they kept giving me color, which made me discolor and end up wearing strange makeup. It's like they're trying to suppress her beauty lol.
9. Combine hair in layers. Short hair is so cool.
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