Idol group leader caught falsifying medical papers to get out of job

Article: 32-year-old idol leader fakes mental disability to avoid military service

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+556] I tried to find out who this is but I still don't know ?

[+259] I checked his Instagram and he is a gym rat meat eater… How come he started focusing on growing his brain instead of his muscles…;;;

[+250] But who is this time? It's better not to insult Korean idols abroad

[+98] Look at her and she's an idol I've never heard of…

[+97] So who is the leader?

– [+8] Ahn Domo

[+94] Even BTS is serving ㅋ who do you think you are

[+60] Ugh.. I don't want to go but do you have to do things this far?

[+57] Guys like him make a mark for celebrities who can't serve because of mental issues.

[+40] Never heard of the part like in the movie… never heard of Ahn Domo ㅋㅋㅋ never seen such a jerk trying to pull a things like this…

[+31] Even BTS serves…

[+27] Just service, oh. It's like you're an amazing leader of a huge group of idols. How can you do this when even the BTS is in service?

[+23] He could never have such a mind

[+20] ADM

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