[INSTIZ] So Kim Ji-won was a true natural beauty.

The face remained the same.
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: So Kim Ji-won was a true natural beauty.
1. The eyes, nose, and face shape are perfect.
2. Wow, the first photo is amazing haha.
3. Linda hahaha it was the same.
4. So does that mean you can look pretty even if you wear those glasses?
5. Honestly, just by looking at the first photo, you can tell that you are destined to become a celebrity.

6. Legends of all time…
7. She was really pretty when she was a child in OranC.
8. The first photo is so pretty.
9. I knew she was going to throw a big punch with a high kick.
10. So pretty… too pretty for my standards…
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