Karina and Jaewook Lee broke up after 5 weeks.

article: Karina and Lee Jae-wook broke up 5 weeks after it was made public.

source: Insight through Instagram

[+925] Sigh… Are people this scary…

[+473] I guess there were too many eyes watching me to date properly. Especially the vibe everyone is giving off haha ​​It's a shame it ended like this, but you can always date someone else in the future.

[+257] You all know that the rule is to break up before a comeback, right?

[+145] Celebrity life is not for everyone… it's a pity…

[+113] Phew, I can't even date anymore…

[+94] Espa will be at a disadvantage if his next album doesn't become a huge hit. She had to part ways for her future earning potential. Non-fans can talk as much as they want about how idols should be allowed to date, but 80% of idols' income comes from fans who don't want to date. Obviously, if you had the opportunity to make millions before you turned 30, provided you didn't date and dated all you wanted, but made average money, wouldn't you definitely choose the former? lol

[+90] People who don't like it aren't even real people, so I'd like you to just ignore them…

[+75] Everyone is breaking up…

[+69] Now all the haters will feel better

[+61] I understand why idols try to hide their dating lives when their fans act this way, but how tiring it is.

[+40] Before they were celebrities, they were young men and women, and it's a pity that they have to hate and be torn apart so much just because of a relationship.

[+22] So, Karina fans and antis who were against Karina's love life, are you happy now that you have achieved what you wanted? Are you going to go back to your weird delusional fantasies? Go touch the grass lol Jimin will never know who you are lol He doesn't even know you exist lol

[+25] Karina could have done better anyway

source: Idol issue through Instagram

[+155] We had to break up for Espa's comeback… and to prevent more fans from leaving…

[+103] I'm obviously lying when I said we broke up haha. aespa's comeback is right around the corner, but I knew that if I didn't do it quickly, the comeback would be ruined.

[+90] I was rooting for them.

[+82] The fans were so wrong…

[+62] Whether intentional or not, couples that start off that loud usually don't last that long… too bad.

[+23] Oh, I was really cheering for you.. ㅜㅜ

source: Published by King TV through YouTube

[+478] She needs to realize that while she is free to date whoever she wants, her fans are also free to not spend money on her.

[+418] It's true that the detractors are in the wrong, but I don't think we can blame the fans who quietly decided to leave the fandom and caused Espa's revenue to decline. It's a bit difficult to stop an idol who already has a partner.

[+226] I think SM must have put a lot of pressure on her. She probably played a bigger role in the decline in her stock price than her enthusiastic fans.

[+213] All of the people who quietly left the fandom put a dent in Espa's comeback, because even if you leave aside the crazy haters, there's still a ton left.

[+206] I believe the fans will take care of it.. Those who would leave something like this have already left and there are those who remain.

[+118] I know everyone wants to blame this on the haters, but the haters can just ignore it. What cannot be ignored is the decline in sales and stock prices…

[+96] It's pretty clear why they're doing this before their comeback. Money makes the world go round.

[+71] No matter how much you hate fangirls and fanboys, you can't deny that you spend a huge amount of money on those idols. Haha. I buy 10-20 albums at a time, so I can imagine the damage it will cause. A dating scandal will break out. Haha.

[+59] I understand both Karina's position and the angry fans' position.

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