[THEQOO] "SM-official-dmz" Wonbin, Karina, Shion

These are the children selected as SM's official Instagram DMs.

Espa Carina
Rise Wonbin
NCT Wish Xion

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: “SM-official-dmz” Wonbin, Karina, Sion.

1. DMz = Children selected through Instagram DM

2. Wow, Wonbin…

3. Zion is handsome

4. I think the casting staff will be proud.

5. Wow, they must have selected a lot of kids through direct channels haha. Won Bin really looks better without his hair combed.

6. “DMZ” lol

7. But wasn’t Shotaro also chosen through direct message?

8. I hope the person who picks 3 people through DM will receive a big bonus haha.

9. These people were chosen as the faces, how lucky was SM to have talented children at the center?

10. How lucky is SM?
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