“I am single but I want to raise a child” Changed family values

“As the traditional view of the family is dismantled, the perception that it is possible to have children without getting married is spreading. Experts emphasized that the institutional arrangements for living together, unmarried births, and unmarried adoptions are insufficient in line with the diversifying family types and urgently need to be supplemented.”

1. Me too

2. Saying that there is a riot because of the low birth rate, we should not stick to marriage between men and women, but bring various types of unions and unmarried births into the system.

3. My mother said that we would raise them together, so I don’t have to get married.

4. I have three children and to be honest, I don’t like marriage, but I like children. Children are really worth having.

5. I’m married too, but if I can afford it, I want to have children.

6. Me too!!! I hate marriage, but I want to raise children.

7. Even if I don’t get married, I want to have children as long as I can.

8. It is unlikely that the rate of marriage and childbirth will increase significantly, but it is necessary to move quickly toward acknowledging family diversity.

9. A child is innocent hahaha Now it’s time to think about various types of families

10. To be honest, I have money and I like children, so there is no reason not to.

11. Even at work, women regret marrying their husbands, but want to have children.

12. Everyone said that “my husband is not very good, but the kid is so pretty.”

13. If sperm banks were allowed, the fertility rate would increase. I don’t need a husband either, but I wish I had my bloodline

14. I also don’t want to get married, I want to raise children, I don’t need a husband.

15. Me too, but I don’t have the money for that ㅠㅠ

16. The time has come to allow sperm banks

17. Of course I hate marriage and I don’t want to have children.. So it’s amazing to see this post

18. Don’t cry because the fertility rate is dropping, and accept the diverse family.

19. My husband and I don’t plan on having children either, but we plan to adopt them later.

20. It’s something I’ve been thinking since I was really young hahahahah


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