The image of G-Dragon that make me miss him as a trainee

++I think you would have understood the situation just by looking at the meme, but if you read the comments and add it, G-Dragon is in the same situation as his debut is confirmed, and he tries his best to lead his younger brothers to debut together. Jang Hyunseung, a former member of BEAST, in yellow clothes, was eliminated here.


1. It was like Kwon Ji-yong was actually confirmed to debut, but it was a very impressive scene because Kwon Ji-yong seemed the most desperate for his debut.

2. At that time, Kwon Ji-yong said his debut was confirmed and he said it out loud for fear others.

3. Originally, Kwon Ji-yong and Taeyang had been practicing for 6 years to debut, but one day, they suddenly drove in random kids and said that they were going to debut together, but it was absurd. It must feel like life is ruined.

4. He was supposed to debut as an idol leader who had to ride a bus while trying to come out as a hip-hop duo, but if the kids don’t work hard, it’ll get annoyed.

5. I hate GD, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything to do here.

6. In the end, only GD and Taeyang survive.

7. At that time, Seungri and Jang Hyunseung failed. Seungri showed the result with Burning Sun 10 years later…

8. GD was very sensitive. At that time, GD’s goal was to debut all six members, and it was debut survival, so he didn’t have time to spare and he felt sorry for being pushed, he later revealed in his autobiography of Big Bang.

9. GD and Taeyang must have already signed a contract lol.

10. I’m just surprised that Jang Hyunseung is there


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