Hyoyeon shuts down Instagram comments section following negative comments from Chinese internet users for posting Hanbok

Hyoyeon received malicious criticism from Chinese internet users after posting photos of Hanbok. The comment section is closed

Hyoyeon posted a picture of herself on Instagram on the 8th of September with the caption:

“Korean Hanbok is stunning.”

Chinese internet users who saw this post posted offensive comments and vomiting emojis her Instagram

Hyoyeon ended the comment section of Instagram

1. These scumbags are insane.

2. ? What is the reason why Koreans receive a slap for sharing photos of themselves wearing Hanbok Why is that? In any case, those Chinese internet users are deplorable.

3. (((((((((Hyoyeon))))))))

4. Absolutely insane, Koreans are using traditional clothes, but why do they behave so disrespectfully?

5. Hyoyeon’s Hanbok is perfect for her and she’s gorgeous… These Chinese people are unwelcome and infuriating

6. They don’t permit Koreans to put on Hanbok What is their thinking?

7. Hanbok is part of Korea. They aren’t allowed to legally use Instagram So, stop making comments.

8. SNSD!!! It’s fantastic to see it’s an Korean group

9. A country in which Instagram is not allowed, has a greater impact on Instagram than everyone else.

10. Do not be affixed to your Hyoyeon… Chinese people are insane


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