Dawn proposed to Hyuna

Hyuna resent his post

“Of course, yes”

The pictures of the ring which Dawn posted to Facebook.

1. Wow…!!! !

2. Unnie… Are we letting you go? …?yuyu

3. Oh!! They will be getting married! Yuyuyu

4. Wow, live a happy life!

5. Incredibly, I’ve waited for this yuyu

6. Unnie, congrats!

7. Do you think that means they are getting married? Congrats congrats

8. The rings look pretty

9. Dawn posted “Marry me” on his Insta therefore it must be true.

10. Are you sure it’s an Opal? Absolutely gorgeous

11. Dawn Dawn “Marry me ” on his Insta insane

12. Hul hul hul hul

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