Spectators love revenge in 'Marry the Husband'

Article: a drama that you don't stop watching even when there's nothing to praise about it.

Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver

[+103, -5] Lee Yi Kyung and Song Ha Yoon are so, so perfect for these evil characters, the male leads are amazing, and Park Min Young did a great job of showing the character's transformation before and after death. Adorable little sister, all the members of the helping project lived up to their character and more~ I hope this drama is part of helping cheaters realize what they are doing~~^^.

[+41, -8] The bad characters carry all the weight in this, they shine more than the lead

[+31, -3] Award ceremony dress barbecue restaurant shoulders at work… her outfits are a bit funny, I admit… she made me know what people mean when they say your coordi is your anti ㅋㅋㅋ

[+25, -1] I'm really enjoying it ~~ I can't wait for Friday ~~!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

[+14, -1] It's so good to catch all the live events. It's so refreshing.

[+11, -0] I think even a journalist can read into it…people enjoy the drama for what it is, a taste of justice in a dizzying and evil world…refreshing.

[+6, -0] I love that the drama lives up to all the plot points of the original text

[+5, -0] Ajumma, I am calling the wedding! ㅋㅋ

[+5, -1] Not much more needs to be said about the drama it recreates ㅋ

[+3, -0] Lee Yi Kyung's acting is good!!

[+3, -0] I think viewers will find it refreshing because it's not just your typical drama where the female lead has to suffer against all the bad things done to her, she gets her revenge one by one.

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