Netizens discover Freezia’s Chinese Video with kimchi called as ‘pao cai’


1. [+360] Hul… this’s farewell for real, I will not keep back on this particular

2. [+186] Song Jia didn’t own one or maybe 2 fakes but more than 200. Plus that is just what we have found… I do not believe she decided to buy such a huge amount of fakes in some random kiosk, particularly when it is unlawful in the country of ours and you’ve to be hush hush whenever you do go out of the way of yours to obtain it. I feel that generally there has to ‘ve been a fakes business which was providing her as well as her buys most likely are eligible for review. And also as you work like a Chinese influencer, it really is currently upsetting sufficient she was praising China a lot but be calling kimchi’ pao cai’ as well as celebrating Chinese holidays? It is rather clear she is getting funded by Chinese investments. The career of her within Korea is properly over, plus Hyowon C&C must be investigated. Koreans have to get up as Chinese funds are flowing in with the countryside and getting command of the celebrities of ours as well as popular figures. Regularly be on the alert…

3. [+121] Kindly do not screw with our regular Korean meal kimchi ㅡㅡ for real

4. [+130] She is a pathetic example of what occurs when an inexpensive individual tries to behave as they are far more luxurious than they’re. She is completely being uncovered at this moment.

5. [+55] Kimchi should be called kimchi wherever you’re in the world

6. [+42] She actually crossed the line with this particular one ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+37] Kimchi is pao cai? Are you kidding me? Simply visit China already

8. [+16] Sure… I comprehend the wish to make more money… and purchase famous… yes… though you would sell off the own country of yours for it??? I would not name myself personally a patriot however, I fail to understand just how she could possibly do this…

9. [+35],.? I cannot shield this, goodbye

10. [+62] I did not take care of additional things about the scandal of her but messing with kimchi is definitely crossing the line

11. [+48] How’s there increasingly the more you explore her ㅋㅋㅋ it is a knock off inferno ㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+25] This’s really crazy therefore completely wrong ㅡㅡ goodbye



1. [+5,779, -190] I fell for her make-up looks… pro China Song Jia… fell for her illumination methods as well.. ㅎㅎ

2. [+1,746, -34] More than enough regarding this Song Jia or maybe Song Aji, how come the press retailers just making articles concerning this girl?

3. [+1,511, -36] That is a scam

4. [+1,527, -61] The personality of her does not appear fake though the face of her is actually make up… just upset she loves China much. We are at an era where we have to be careful regarding that.

5. [+587, -1] The looks of her aren’t essential at this time. She’s video recording in place exactly where she discusses kimchi jjim and also calls it’ pao cai’. She must have to be knocked away for good.

6. [+748, -260] Exactly how old in case she and exactly why in case she getting witch hunted this way? If she is a’ 97er, she is just slightly over 20 years of age. Kindly draw the line here. It is usual at that age to become a tryhard, making lots of mistakes. It is exactly how you produce as well as learn. You all are intending to destroy a child at this rate. I am certain she has learned with the mistakes of her as discontinue witch hunting her. I am actually concerned about this kid nowadays.

7. [+443, -91] You people will destroy one more kid in this particular rate… we need to stop it at this point, everyone~

8. [+226, -10] I already knew the face of her seemed to be this way under cosmetics. She is able to cake it on almost all she desires though she is still terrible ㅎ

9. [+193, 0] It is not about her looks we are chatting about… we are talking regarding her simply being a few imitation doll developed by Chinese money

10. [+162, -7] I do not find her pretty even with make up on


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