Beijing Winter Olympics short track dump

News Article;

“Park Jang-hyuk was in second place in the quarterfinals. However, Pietro Sighel from Italy crashed into Park while trying to take over. Park was thrown off the ice, and Wu Dajing from China appeared to have slipped into his hand.

Park was left clutching his wrist in the aftermath of the collision. He was then taken from the ice onto a stretcher. It is not clear how severe the injury was at press time, but there was blood on the scene when the medics arrived. Park was unable to make it to the semifinals despite his progress.

During the semifinals, Hwang and Lee were both disqualified.

Hwang finished first in his heat, but was disqualified after making an illegal late pass that caused contact. This took the world record holder out the Games.

Lee finished second in his race, but was disqualified after a long video review for a lane change which caused contact with Liu Shaoang from Hungary.

These penalties were controversial. Hwang was penalized for infraction, despite appearing to be pushed during the race by a Chinese skater.

These two penalties opened up spots for Chinese skaters in the final, repeating Saturday’s mixed team relay. The United States and Russia were both disqualified during that event, which allowed the Chinese team to advance and win gold.

Park was taken to the hospital after the men’s semifinal, while Hwang and Lee left the stadium unassisted by reporters.

Korea will need to come up with a plan to get over a chaotic evening of ice racing and get back on track. Short track races resume Wednesday with the men’s 1500m, women’s 1000m and women’s 3000-meter relays.”

After being praised for his clean in-course, he was then penalized for making contact with others.

1. Why is he being penalized for doing this? ?

2. He was still perfect.

3. I could only laugh at his inability to touch anyonekk

4. Fucking fuck

5. Seriously, I am so pissed, fuk!

6. That f*cker kept touching him, but they’re fine with it?

7. They are fine with touching him. Fuck.

8. What is the penalty for this?

9. He didn’t, he just entered when the way was clear

10. Did he touch them using Bluetooth?




Notice: The other competitor is from Hungary.

1. It is detestable

2. What is the Olympics like?

3. What should I be watching?

4. They’re attempting to compete in a very dirty manner. These fuckers, what are your standards?

5. Why bother?

6. Ah, fuck! I am seriously so pissed off

7. Are these the Olympics? This was the most shocking thing I have ever seen. These hand movements are so ugly!

8. What’s he doing?

9. They are just trying to get it. Fucking nothingsense

10. China’s standards are lower than expected.



1. Are they really crazy?

2. This is hilarious. It’s an amazing relief that everyone knows this.

3. Are there any meanings to the Olympics?

4. This is the Olympics. You manipulating fools

5. They don’t read the room. Fuck

6. But, you can still play in your country and earn your gold medals.

7. These fuckers won’t be able to get gold unless they disqualify them yuyu

8. This is serious dirt. What’s the point?

19. Legendary.

10. They can’t win gold with all their antics. Amazing.


1. Fuck, that’s how an athlete could have been injured. Are they insane?

2. This should be disqualified as well. They need shame!

3. Hul. Hul.

4. Truly crazy

5. They have no shame at all tsk

6. Hul

7. This is the top kkk location hosting the Olympics

8. This is China-like.

9. ???? ?

10. I’m not surprised at all.


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